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Mass and Church membership on iPad

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Church membership

Very useful, elegant, easy to use application for iPad including:

  • The Book of Intentions.
  • Church Membership.
  • Personal records grouped by family units.
  • Contributions and charity.
  • Groups with events calendar.
  • Quick searching.
  • Advanced searching.
  • Anniversaries.
  • Database backups and restores.
  • Additional (optional) password protection


No personal data in Internet !
Database located on device !
No Internet data transfer from database to the other servers !

Optional application password protection !


  • iPad or mini iPad
  • IOS 11 or higher


Why can’t I download mFara application from location other than App Store ?

It is the Apple security politics. Each application for iPad must be submitted to App Store to test it, than it is published by Apple. mFara cannot be downloaded from any website or other store.

Where can I find answers for frequently asked questions ?

You can find a lot of helpful information inside the app. Just only tap FAQ icon on mFara main view. All answers are grouped by subject:

  • Troubleshooting,
  • Individuals, 
  • Families, 
  • Groups and members, 
  • The Book of Intentions,
  • Anniversaries,
  • Backups.

How to update to new version ?

Go to the Updates page on App Store, locate mFara application and tap Install.

Check for free

Download mFara from App Store and test it for free. You can install application with sample data or with new, empty database. You can edit all data, search and filter data, search for anniversaries, create new 3 family cards, 10 personal cards, 5 contributions, 5 charities, 2 groups, 25 intentions, 2 gregorians, 2 churches, create database backup and restore it on other device.


Famly, individuals and groups with unlimited number of records (english, polish, spanish)

Full access to personal and family file and the groups register. You can create unlimited number of new cards, donations and charities.

€ 22.99
$ 20.99 – 24.99
£ 20.49
CAN$ 28.99
AUD 32.99
NZ 30.99
R 319.99 (Sth Afr.)

The Book of Intentions with unlimited number of records (english, polish, spanish)

Full access to the Book of Intentions. You can create unlimited number of new intentions.

€ 10.99
$ 10.99 – 14.99
£ 9.99
CAN$ 13.99
UD 14.99
NZ 14.99
R 149.99 (Sth Afr.)

How to purchase ?

Search for mFara in App Store, download free version and install it. Go to the store option in application and switch “Unlimited number of records” and/or Book of intensions (mass) option ON. Tap purchase icon.

Privacy policy

Access to the mFara application database.

Both the mFara application and its database are located directly on the device. It is not placed on an external server and no data is transferred to it by other entities.
Only the device user has access to the information contained in the application database.
The user can optionally enable an additional level of authorization requiring a password after each resumption of the application (by default, this function is disabled, because the authorization mechanism during activation and awakening is enabled in the device itself). In order to enable an additional level of authorization, the Password protection option should be enabled in the Settings part of the mFara application.
Transmission of backup copies via the Internet takes place either by sending a copy of the database to the user’s private Dropbox account or as an email attachment. However, the application does not send this email message, but runs a mail application on the device with an encrypted file attached to it with a copy of the database – the message itself is sent manually and consciously by the user.

Demo data.

All demo data in the sample databases are fictitious and were invented at SIGNUM-NET. Any partial convergence with actual data is accidental and unintentional.

Payment service.

All payments related to the mFARA application and their security are handled by Apple via the App Store. The SIGNUM-NET company does not receive from the shop operator any information about payment cards or the buyer’s data. SIGNUM-NET does not support any financial transactions related to the mFara application.


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